Just finished Installing Solar Light System in a Storey Building. This Solar System uses High Technology.
Very efficient and cost effective. Come for your own
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Wireless Intercom (Transceiver)                                                 Car Demobilizer (Tracker)              Rotational Antenna with remote control
Metal Detector                                                                                Digital Invent Timer                        Battery Charger
Intruder Detector (Alarm)                                                            Earing Aids                                         Liquid Level Control/Detector
Bi Directional D.C Motor Speed Control                                 Traffic Control Light                        Transistor & Diode Tester
Programmable LED Moving Message Display                       Digital Message Display                  Voltage to Frequency Converter
Automatic Voltage Regulator (Stabilizer) 7.5KV & above     Change over                                       Power Inverter with remote control                                   

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Circuit Design (Microcontroller Application inclusive)

Wireless Tropicalizied Traffic Control Light

CCTV Surveillance System Installation

Solar System Installation (House/Office use and Street Light)

General Repair & Maintainance Services

Hopesonic assures you of a well delivered  service
with two years guarantee on any of the products and services given.
We equally accept and respond to any complaint or question as regards our Company.
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Hopesonic Technologies is an Electrical/Electronic Company committed to give the highest level of satisfaction to customers. Through this commitment we have enjoyed long term relationships with our esteem customers to reach mutual benefits and cooperation.

We specialize in Circuit design(Microcontroller Application inclusive), Traffic Control Light System, CCTV Surveillance System and Solar System Installation

We also render Consultancy Service and Maintenance Service where applicable

The Research and Development Department of our Company has given us the drive to be in line with today's technology. Hopesonic has a lot to offer you. Patronize us today to reach you with our technology

Our Projects/Products includes:
Solar System Installation & Servicing, Security & Surveillance Equipment, Traffic Light Control System and many more.
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Current Project at hand: Solar System Construction/Installation

We offer low cost, durable an easy to use solar system
Equipment: Solar panel, Deep cyle batteries, solar charger, change over system, Inverter system and so on

Have Solar powered Inverters and get out of Electricity trouble at an affordable price. You can make use of the Request Form or contact us through our Contact address

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